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Why See A Dentist?

Oral appliances are only FDA approved and available for the treatment of sleep apnea through a qualified dentist. If you have not been tested for sleep apnea, a snoring appliance could stop the snoring without treating sleep apnea, and could possible make your sleep apnea worse. Other potential side effects of wearing a snoring mouthpiece such as TMJ disorder, bruxism and shifting of the tooth position, could also impact your health and quality of life.

Custom appliances are also shown to be more comfortable and effective than a snoring mouth guard.

Which Oral Appliance Type Is Right For Me?

There are numerous dental devices for snoring and sleep apnea available to specially trained dentists to treat sleep disordered breathing.

Are Oral Appliances Covered By Dental Or Medical Insurance?

Obstructive sleep apnea is a medical disease so reimbursement falls under your Medical Health insurance plan, not a dental insurance plan. Insurance does not cover pre-fabricated snoring mouthpieces.

Whether your insurance policy covers your oral appliance depends on your insurance policy, as well as your medical history and sleep study results, based on documentation provided to the insurance company by your dentist.

What To Expect With An Oral Appliance

When the snoring and tiredness have been resolved and the in-home or laboratory sleep study shows good improvement, you will be referred back to your physician for final evaluation and evaluation for any additional sleep study and follow up.

Ultimately, your dental sleep medicine office will follow your progress on a twice or once per year basis to ensure adequate treatment and to monitor any possible side effects.

Monitoring Progress Of Your Oral Appliance Therapy

Like CPAP, oral appliance therapy for snoring and sleep apnea is not a cure. The dental device must be worn every night for it to be effective. Your progress with the oral appliance should be monitored over time to ensure that the appliance continues to do its job in providing relief of snoring and sleep apnea and to ensure that you remain symptom free.

Once active therapy is completed you will be reevaluated on a six month or one year visit depending on your individual case.